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Image of nr 4 & 5: Wako + Live in Oslo

nr 4 & 5: Wako + Live in Oslo

Our fourth album, Wako (2020)
Very limited quantity - only 200 copies!

Label: Øra Fonogram
Release: 21.02.2020
Availabiliy: Vinyl, CD, Digital Streaming
Engineer: Dag Erik Johansen, Karl Klaseie and Øyvind Røsrud
Mix & Master: Karl Klaseie
Cover photo by Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard
Cover design: Christian Meaas Svendsen

All compositions by Martin Myhre Olsen, except track 3,7,10 & 11 by Kjetil André Mulelid
String arrangements by Martin Myhre Olsen
Produced and arranged by Wako

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Our fifth album. A live album feat Tore Brunborg, Lars Horntveth, Kyrre Laastad & Adrian Løseth Waade.

Label: Øra Fonogram
Release: 23.04.2021
Availabiliy: CD
Mix / master: Karl Klaseie
All compositions by Kjetil André Mulelid and Martin Myhre Olsen

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